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Box33 Personal Training is located in Booragoon, Perth and specialises in Personal Training and Hardstyle Kettlebell Instruction.

We cater for all health types and base our personal tuition on ‘Adaptive Strength Training’.

This method starts you out with workloads that are initially very manageable while you learn all the movements under close supervision of an experienced trainer, with strict focus on form and function, injuries are minimised and results are maximised.

At Box 33 we utilise a specialized variety methodolgy that focuses on the primal pattern movements being squat, bend, twist, push, pull, gait, lunge and loaded carry.

The base-conditioning phase of our PT program is designed to improve health, strength, cardiovascular fitness, psychological fitness, improve flexibility/muscle balance and to improve function through optimal motor engram programming.

The training is fun, full of variety and generally aimed towards people who are starting out at low levels of health and fitness, however we do enjoy the professional challenge of working with elite athletes when an opportunity becomes available.

Fitness success is defined as developing strength, improving muscle mass, reducing body fat and acquiring endurance, mobility and vitality. That is the essence of Box 33 and can be achieved by anyone seeking a stronger, happier lifestyle.

No gimmicks, no fads, just good old-fashioned hard work.


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Personal Training for Results


I worked with Tim for a year whilst deployed overseas and was inspired by the enthusiasm and enjoyment he gets from training. So after observing for the first 3 months I started training with him, a slightly chubby metric = 190cm 105kg 34 year old. Over the next nine months he trained me in Olympic lifting, Kettlebells, high, med and low intensity cardio and functional weight training. Tim has also given me dietary advice which has helped with my weight loss and in keeping it off. It was an ever changing program with multiple styles and every session was always new and challenging. So nine months on from what I thought was fit (really wasn’t), I’ve dropped down to 90Kg and I am still enjoying the training. I am feeling great, am achieving more than I could imagine physically and my partner is enjoying the new look. My strength, cardio and reflexes are better and stronger than I believe I have ever been.

– Axe

Jo Harris

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to transform myself, both physically and mentally. In just 3 months, I have shifted from doing almost no exercise and ‘pigging out’, steadily gaining weight in the process, to training 3-4 times a week and establishing a healthy relationship with food. As a result, I am now half way to my weight loss goal.

The 8kgs that I have lost to date does not even closely represent the overall changes in my body’s shape and strength, not to mention my new found confidence in my ability to reach and maintain my weight loss goal. My children and my husband are also benefiting, they have a happier and more active version of the old me and, as a result, are also eating healthier and being more active themselves.

Thank you for your commitment to proving that a healthy lifestyle is simple and achievable for people like me who thought that I didn’t have enough time or willpower to get there. You are a wealth of knowledge and have a dedication to the health and fitness of your clients that exceeds expectation. I’m looking forward to losing my next 8kgs and maintaining my new body and healthy outlook forever! Box33 is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

– Jo Harris


Richard lost 5kg’s in 15 sessions!

As an ex PT Trainer and Gym owner from some 10 – 15 years ago I can say with credibility that Tim Almond is one of the best PT’s I have ever come across. This has been the best investment in my body that money could ever buy and I am getting so much more out of life. Loving it. Come an join me and get more out of life. You’ll love it. Feeling awesome. Richard- Business owner, 47

Richard- Business owner, 47


Julie Keep

I felt overweight and sluggish, my clothes were becoming tight and I had that dreaded excess fat known as the “muffin top” hanging over my jeans. I was starting to feel very self-conscious about the way I looked and although I walked my dogs daily this just wasn’t enough to shed those unwanted kilos or get me back in to the shape I desired. I also lacked the self-motivation, knowledge or equipment to work out on my own. I had never been in to health and fitness before and was sceptical about attending a regular gym facility, so I searched online for Personal Trainers at facilities that would best suit my needs.

What results have you achieved since starting the program?

Weight loss 10kgs, which exceeded my own expectations! My body is a lot more toned, I have increased muscle, and gained flexibility and core strength.

– Julie Keep




I was struggling with my level of fitness, my general health & nutrition. Together with back & knee issues, this was hindering my ability to focus on improving my overall well being. I was feeling like an old lady. I was recommended to see Tim at Box 33 and I haven’t looked back. That was 10 months ago. In that time, I lost the weight I needed to lose, dropped 2 dress sizes, & have a regained my zest for life & fitness. My overall strength has improved dramatically which has helped my back considerably.I strive on being challenged to push myself. Tim’s program has been varied with circuit work, weights, primal move, suspension straps, kettle bells. I come away from each training session feeling exhilarated. The results I have achieved have been very uplifting. The comments, the looks I receive are so affirming. Tim, Kelly & Kate are a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of fitness, training & nutrition. They are so encouraging & positive. I highly recommend Box 33 to help you regain your health & fitness through their unique, challenging & different training programs that are tailored to your needs & abilities.

Debbie – Teacher, 57


“Having my third child I wanted to get back into shape better than before my pregnancies. I was recommended Box 33 and was interested in trying something that was different to the other training I had done in the past. In the short time I have trained at Box 33 I have achieved weight loss of 7.5kg and 3% body fat. This was quite a fast achievement combined with a specific eating plan. What I enjoy about Box 33 is that every training session is different from the last, which keeps my body (and mind!) guessing. I need a trainer to push me to the next level which I know I couldn’t achieve on my own.Box 33 has changed my way of living, I am eating smarter and healthier and have a better education on nutrition and fitness in general.

Both Tim and Kelly have a world of knowledge between them. I learn new facts on a weekly basis when training with them both.”

Emma Hilderbrand – Business owner, 34


When I began my program I was very unfit, overweight and unhealthy. I have been with the program now for just over 6 months and attend 2 days per week when work permits. I do a strength based program which has seen me lose 12kg but more to the point toning up and dropping 3 dress sizes. I like to be pushed to work hard and sadly I don’t have the willpower to do that for myself so having a trainer encourage and push me to achieve the best outcome works for me.
I strongly recommend people to have a go. The training I do changes weekly so it is not repetitive. The trainers are very helpful and understanding particularly being an older person (55yrs) as there is many regular gym activities that I cannot achieve, but the Box 33 programs are scaled so that I can achieve them and progress. It was a slow start but after seeing results and becoming much stronger in myself I would highly recommend the program and likewise the trainers.

The trainers are very knowledgeable in their roles and the many aspects of the Box 33 methodology. They are courteous, encouraging and respectful.

Gail Beck – Corporate, 55


I have been working in the health and fitness industry for 8 years. From the day I met Tim 2 years ago I have been consistently blown away by his depth of knowledge on strength training and his amazing take on nutrition. Whenever I have a question about one of my own clients or even for my own programing, Tim is the first person I will call. You will not regret training at Box 33; it will literally change your life.

Scotty – Personal Trainer, 37


I started seeing results after only 2 weeks training at Box 33. Tim’s commitment to his trade and his clients is second to none. I recommend Box 33 for people of all fitness levels

MA – Soldier, 32


I lost 3kg’s in the first 2 weeks training at Box 33. I love how the programing is structured, all I have to do is turn up and everything is ready for me. Hardest I’ve ever worked.

Penny – Business Owner,58


As one of the more “senior” members of Box 33, I’ve had the benefit of seeing all the usual’s come and go, from Laurie Potter’s life memberships, to Lords in Subiaco and The Superdome in Mt Claremont and all the fads from circuits to aerobics, step, through to crossfit.
I can honestly say I’ve never had anyone explain what I should be doing, why, how to do it properly and the results I can expect.
Most of the things Tim has shown me I’ve never experienced before and I’ve never worked so hard, or had so much fun doing it.
Thanks mate! I’m seeing results already, I already feel like part of a growing community and the nutrition advice is terrific. Just no more rope battling, PLEASE!!!

Mark – Business owner, 57


Tim is a master fitness coach and I have found Box 33 to be a great inspiration. After going to various gyms for many years, I can honestly say that what Box 33 offers is very unique and results focused. If you wants to train then I would thoroughly recommend you tap into their knowledge.

Wade – Web Designer, 32


I thought I was reasonably healthy, taking the occasional bike ride on the weekend or going for a walk after work through the neighbourhood. I always included hills in my walks, which I handled reasonably well. I did not believe that a training program or exercise program would be of any benefit to a 58-year-old grandmother.
I noticed the sign out the front of Box 33 and thought I would ask the question. Can you help an old girl get a bit fitter so I could keep up with a tour group on my European Holiday? I have had trouble with my shoulders since having had surgery and very limited mobility in what I could pick up or lift with my arms. I could touch my toes but only just, creaks and squeaks from ankles and knees, groans escaping my lips through clenched teeth. What have I done, who am I kidding. As it turns out, I am kidding no one.
I can lift things, I can move better and quicker, I have confidence that I am a lot fitter than ever before, I have had good weight loss and the muscles feel harder in my legs, arms and body. I feel good, I am confident that I can do better and after my trip I will return to carry on trying to be more active and mobile.
Today after 4 months of twice-weekly personal training sessions and regular short bursts of intense aerobic activity on 2 other days of the week, I now have more mobility in my shoulders and hips; I can now do squats and I recently deadlifted my own body weight which I still can’t believe.
I’m still short and carry more fat that I should, but I can thank Tim at Box 33 for giving me guidance and encouragement to try to make myself more active and mobile.
Call in and speak to Tim and the guys, surprise yourself and take a chance.

Pam – Grandma, 58


I have been working as a personal trainer for just under three years now, and Tim remains by far the most knowledgable man I have met within the fitness industry. After reaching a plateau in my own training, I started with Tim earlier this year and have been absolutely amazed with the results I have achieved through his programming. I am fitter, stronger and leaner than ever before and can’t wait to see how I progress as I continue to train at his gym.

Laura – Personal Trainer, 21


I cannot express how much gratitude I have for my Personal Trainer (Kelly Almond) she is an excellent trainer who has been a constant wealth of knowledge during my journey, she is always full of praise and encouragement and keeps me motivated. Through Kelly’s expert guidance I have been provided with a wide range of varied and diverse training techniques which enable me to stay interested, focused, motivated and driven to push myself a little bit harder each week to achieve the goals I had been wanting and she is always happy to provide advice on nutrition and to support my health and fitness outside my usual training sessions. Kelly has a bright and bubbly personality, she is passionate about her job and what she is doing for me and this is constantly reflected during our sessions.

If you’re looking for something that is different but can have a huge impact on your outlook and quality of life, want to work closely with professional trainers who are knowledgeable, passionate and genuinely care about their clients then Box 33 is definitely worth getting off that fence for!!

Julie Keep

1/96 McCoy st Booragoon

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